Suz suggests reading this article in the Guardian on body image, which discusses the role of the fashion industry in creating body image dysmorphia. 

Inge enjoyed seeing Gap’s 1993-1995 “Who Wore Khakis?” campaign on That Kind Of Women. 

Velvety Chocolate thought that this infographic in The Big Picture showing the retail strength of Amazon was eye-openeing. 

Kari was taken aback by the high cost of cheap fashion, and shares her thoughts on the subject on A Pencil Skirt Life

Mac read on Passage des Perles how many women have fit issues when clothes shopping, and what a few retailers are doing to address these challenges. 

Rae is excited about another season of printed pants and so am I. 

MaryK recommends reading an article about how Gloria Steinem feels about aging and looking your age in USA Today. Coincidentally, we recently had a great discussion in the forum about looking one’s age

Last but not least, Kat from Corporette talks about what to wear to an office pool party.