We went back to Alki Beach to shoot our June cover because the setting was perfect for our first month of Summer. We also liked how the colours of this outfit worked with the pebbled beach. 

This does not look much like a Summer outfit. But for me, who feels cold at the drop of a hat, and for Seattle, where the days in June are mild at best, it’s a very comfortable combination. Lightweight, layered, light coloured, bright, and ever so slightly relaxed.

White jeans aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I love them and wear them every year. I don’t think I have ever not had a pair of white bottoms in my wardrobe. To my eye, they add a crisp, modern freshness to an outfit that screams Summer. They also provide the right amount of warmth when it’s still too cold to wear cropped lengths. 

I usually match white jeans with black, ink blue or bright tops both in solids and patterns. This year, as a nod to the pastels trend, I fell back in love with light blue paired with white. I used to wear light blue quite a bit in the ’90s, so it’s been fun incorporating a past favourite back into my style. 

I’m really into wearing menswear inspired button down shirts complete with starched white cuffs and collars at the moment. So when I saw the item offered in shades of light blue, I snapped up a couple of variations. This shirt has a fine blue and white pinstripe, which I like to wear with white jeans. I scrunch the sleeves so that the white cuffs are visible and let them fall freely around my forearm. I tuck in the shirt for a more masculine look. 

A classic, clean cut, cotton blazer adds to the manly vibe of the outfit, while the bright citron colour adds a little fun. I paired a chestnut studded belt and low heeled animal print pumps to match up with the light tortoise shell buttons on the blazer.  I finished off the look with a cream satchel because I like mixing up different whites in the same outfit. White rimmed specs with blue inners, gold watch and wedding ring are the finishing touches.

This outfit represents my style for Summer 2012. Simple, clean cut, crisp, modern classic, a little masculine, a little soft, jewelry-free, and quite bright. Now please send us your hot sunny weather so that I can wear clamdiggers with blouses and not whine about the cold.