AJ likes the casual wardrobe capsule idea of building a wardrobe by fours described on the Vivienne Files. 

Inge says this striped bow tie pasta is the most stylish pasta in the world. I agree!  

Gaylene suggests checking out the old ladies’ rebellion on That’s Not My age. 

Shannon thinks that Girl with Curves is stunningly beautiful and stylish.  

Jenava loves Etsy’s Vintage Reproduction Clothing Shop. The seller will make you a new item from a vintage clothing pattern. 

Deborah enjoyed browsing through My Thrifty Closet.

bj1111 adores this neutral and texture-rich outfit on Taxonomy of my Wardrobe. 

Goldenpig thought it was fun to read about a bloke who has collected a thousand different air stewardess uniforms. Here’s the full collection on his site, Uniform Freak. 

Deb liked reading about the process behind Gwyneth Paltrow’s gorgeous dress for the Oscars

Rae loves this Luisaviaroma biker jacket, complete with chains and convertible tails. 

Last but not least, Fabulous After 40 makes great suggestions on how to choose the right sunglasses based on the shape of your face.