We were promised a season of colour, and my goodness did the fashion industry keep their promise. Stores have looked bright and happy all year. I felt that we were starved of a great colour assortment for several years, but we finally have a season that covers neutrals, earth tones, pastels, mid-tones, jewel tones, brights and neon. There is something for everyone and that’s brilliant. 

We were also promised a season of pattern, and it’s EVERYWHERE. Pattern, pattern, pattern on everything. It’s on clothing, footwear and accessories, in all sorts of moods, types and colours. And pattern mixed outfits are so very on trend. I have added quite a bit of pattern to my wardrobe this year, and just for the season, I am switching over to Team Pattern. I cannot remember loving pattern and pattern mixing as much as I have right now. Pattern has refreshed my style and made me smile. 

So I’m wondering how we will feel about colours and patterns at the end of the season. Will we embrace a colour and pattern-rich Autumn and Winter because we have been somewhat starved of that too? Or will we be sick of colours and patterns and yearn for solids, subtle textures and neutrals? Some have already seen their fair share of the colour and pattern in stores, or never liked it in the first place.

I won’t be sick of colour when Autumn and Winter comes around because I need to wear colour in grey Seattle. But I might be over most of the pattern other than my usual geometric standbys like checks/plaids, argyle and pinstripes. I can see my renewed love for solids coming through strongly in the second half of this year. 

Over to you. What are your thoughts on the colour and patterns we’re seeing for Spring and Summer 2012? Is it overload?Have you embraced it, or do you wish it would go away? Will you continue to wear colours and patterns in Autumn and Winter?