Spring has finally reached Seattle and just about everyone was outside enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather over the weekend. We met with friends for supper at Boom Noodle in Capitol Hill, and Greg snapped these photos just before we headed into the restaurant. 

You’ve seen the same brocade skirt dressed up for fashion week and for a rehearsal dinner, but my favourite way to wear it is dressed down with a denim jacket and flats. That way I can wear the skirt more often. This is the trusty denim jacket and skirt formula, which I wear on a casual evening out, when I’m out and about town, or on a more casual appointment with clients.

I’m not a cardigan girl, but I like this Edwardian-inspired cardigan because I can button it up and wear it like a short sleeved high-necked pullover. I also like that it’s roomy around the waistline, yet fitted on the shoulder and bust line. It’s a little slouchy, which creates a more relaxed vibe against the stiff, flared formal skirt. 

I take the contrast theme further by adding a very faded denim jacket. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to create such a vivid contrast between two items (casual with formal, and light with dark colours). I have a dark blue denim jacket that looks good with this skirt too. But because I really like the colour of light blue denim and enjoy wearing strong contrasting items, the faded denim jacket wins out every time. 

I added dressy, giraffe printed animal flats for a pattern mixed effect. And two-toned fishnet hose, green satchel, specs and watch to finish off the look. I was going to swap out my green handbag for a taupe clutch, but at the last minute, the casualness of my slightly battered green satchel felt right. We had a lovely evening!