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I am truly envious if you are experiencing mild weather at the moment, because Spring in Seattle is usually quite awful. It is cold, wet and grey, and feels like Winter all the way through to May. 

Thing is, although our weather is still very Wintery, wearing Winter wardrobe items at this time of year feels boring and drab. I desperately want to change things up by wearing Spring fashion as I imagine warmth and sunshine. As someone who feels the chill at the drop of a hat, I am practiced at staying warm even as I sport a Spring appropriate look.

The trick is to stay warm and covered in lighter and brighter colours, and crisper fabrications. Here are my favourite ways of achieving a toasty Spring look: 

  • Sport a coloured or light coloured trench coat or wool coat: Think brights, mid tones, muted colours, pastels, metallic and light neutrals instead of black and grey. Finding a trench coat with a warm lining is a plus. I still wear my cream, citron and tomato red wool coats in the Spring. I also have warm weight quilted cream and citron trench coats that are workhorses right up until June.
  • Sport a leather jacket in Spring colours: On-trend Spring colours mean brights, mid tones, pastels and light neutrals. 
  • Sport knitwear in Spring colours: Keep the warmth but change up the colours by lightening and brightening up. Emerald and shades of orange are particularly on trend for Spring.
  • Sport jeans and trousers in Spring colours and patterns: Patterned trousers and jeans are huge. Keep the weights of the trousers and jeans fairly thick because lightweight silk and cotton bottoms will not keep you warm. 
  • Sport a handbag in Spring colours: A bright, light, metallic or pastel toned handbag salutes the Spring season in spite of the cold temperatures. 
  • Wear more white: My white jeans come out to play in March on the less nasty Spring days. I wear them tucked into black or cognac boots, or with taupe or animal print booties. I also like to wear grey and black tops and black leather jackets with white bottoms at this time of year. Grey, navy, brown and black looks magically more Spring-appropriate when mixed with white. 
  • Wear Spring weight scarves: Chunky wooly scarves look very Winter-y, so swap them out for silkier and cotton-rich versions. Wearing them in Spring colours is an even better idea.
  • Wear more pattern: I tend to crave pattern in the Spring and Summer because I associate the vibe quite strongly with those seasons. Bust out a fresh floral! Mix your patterns! But stay warm by covering up in the ways I suggested above.
  • Wear warm footwear in Spring colours: It’s too cold for ballet flats so I wear white, light and bright tall boots and booties with hose or socks. I’ll also wear back and white oxfords because the white makes them feel more Spring-like. 
  • Wear nude knee-highs with flats: You’ll look bare-legged in toasty style when sporting trendy items like slipper flats, oxfords, colour blocked shoes and loafers with your nude hose and trousers or jeans. 
  • Wear cotton twill hats: Less Winter-y than wool and more in the spirit of Spring.
  • Wear shorts with boots: Weather permitting this is a great look for Spring, with long or shorter shorts. Keep the colours Spring-like. 
  • Layer under crisp silky blouses: I love to break out my sheer long sleeved blouses and denim shirts in the Spring time, so I layer underneath them with camisoles or a secret long sleeved t-shirt. 
  • Wear nude hose: I layer nude hose under nude fishnets when I wear Spring dresses and on-trend full skirts with light coloured boots or booties. Nude hose will also do the trick.
  • Rock a fun umbrella: It helps chase away the blues. 

Sometimes I wear Winter clothing combinations and footwear on dismal Spring days and that’s that. But for the most part I make the effort to look like I refreshed my style for the changing season because it makes me feel refreshed and energized. 

Do you have cold and dismal weather in the Spring? How do you transition your look into Spring without freezing your buns off?