During fashion week Greg takes photographs of the fashion both on and off the runway. Here are my favourite off the runway shots this time round, along with the reason that I thought each one was so fab. 

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This stylish bloke spent long hours on his feet making sure that things ran like clockwork. He was always friendly and helpful. The staff at fashion week deserve a HUGE round of applause. They have to wear black from head to toe, but I love how he added safety pins to his jacket to be more distinctive. 

This lovely lady is captivated by the show that’s streaming on the large screens inside the tent. I love her expression, and how her red specs look so fresh with her platinum blonde locks.

Greg didn’t realize that he had taken a picture of the one and only Bill Cunningham until he was processing the photos later on. What a brilliant surprise!

This photo is so sweet. Two stylish friends clutching the same phone as they take a photo of themselves.

This dandy gentleman caused quite a stir inside the tents as the photographers lined up to take pictures. One of our forum members pointed out that the writing on his leggings sends quite the message, and one that we hadn’t noticed before posting the photo. As someone who does not swear, I was horrified! Yet it’s amongst my favourite photos.

A bloke in a superb coat, scarf and eyewear with greying hair catches my attention. Great look.

And last but not least, I hope this beautiful photo encourages those who love hats, but are reluctant to wear them! They truly are a brilliant accessory, especially when you have long hair.

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