Mixing stripes with other patterns, in both subtle and hectic combinations, is very on trend. Understandably, it might not be your cup of tea because it looks like mismatched chaos. If that’s the case, stick to mixing stripes with solids because it’s a slam dunk. But you can also mix stripes with colour blocked items as a halfway measure.The effect is not as maximal as pattern mixing, but more maximal than matching a print with a solid.

I’ve chosen a basic narrow black and white jailbird striped blouse to pair with each of the colour blocked items below. I like how the lines of the striped top work with the lines of the colour blocking. Sometimes the lines of both items run in the same direction (horizontally), and sometimes in the opposite direction (horizontally and vertically).

Stripes with a Colour Blocked Cardigan / Pullover

Stripes with a Colour Blocked Jacket

Stripes with a Colour Blocked Skirt

Stripes with a Colour Blocked Dress

Stripes with Colour Blocked Trousers

The colour black is common in each of the pairings to create a cohesive look. This is not at all a prerequisite for the formula, but the common colour denominator helps marry the two items together.

A simple two toned stripe, like the blouse, is one of the four patterns that I suggest for easy pattern mixing. You can substitute the simple stripe for any of the other patterns mentioned in that post and mix it up with a colour blocked piece. For example, pairing a black and white polka dot blouse would work just as well as the stripe.