After a day of schoolboy fun, I felt like wearing a frock. I also felt like pulling together classic pieces as opposed to trendy items. We were going to see one of our favourite shows — Carlos Miele — so glitzing it up was the right thing to do. 

These photos were taken inside the main tent at Lincoln Centre so that we didn’t have to freeze our buns off outside. Mercedes Benz is the main sponsor of New York Fashion Week, so there is always a huge Mercedes Benz display inside the tent. Greg wanted to use the dramatic white display as the backdrop for my black outfit, and I loved that idea. 

Yesterday was our busiest day so I needed to be extra comfy. The form fitting black knitted midi dress was both a great and an awful idea. The good news is that it’s soft and stretchy, and therefore comfortable. But it also picked up every particle of lint at fashion week, which drove me up the wall. Eventually I had no choice but to resign myself to being a big lint fest. 

I layered a white button down shirt under the dress “tuxedo style” to soften the effect of the black. I scrunched the sleeves and turned back the cuffs for textural interest. Polka dot hose add a fun element to the classic dress. The low heeled red pumps were a Christmas present from Greg, and this is their third outing. I can’t be more pleased with them because they are bright red, dainty and feel great on my feet. I switched to my gold wedding ring and watch to match my late Mum’s medallion. I chose black retro specs to work with the fairly refined outfit. The animal print clutch was the final patterned addition. 

It was still very cold and walking back and forth between Lincoln Centre and our hotel requires extra insulation. Thermal undies, a pair of nude hose layered underneath the polka dots, knee-length black puffer and gloves ensured a toasty commute.

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