When I first envisioned this outfit, I had a sophisticated menswear ensemble in my head. But as I began pulling items from my closet, things became more playful and I ended up with a schoolboy vibe instead.

It was well below freezing yesterday, which made skinnies with long wool socks a toasty option. I also wore thermal undies for extra insulation. I highly recommend the Heattech thermal undies from Uniqlo because they are lightweight and warm.

This is my favorite blazer because I am plaid-crazy at the moment. It felt good to wear a white shirt after sporting black tops for a few days in a row. I couldn’t decide whether I preferred the red or the blue tie, so I asked Greg which he preferred. He was set on the red so that was that.

I finished off the look with black and white heeled oxfords, allowing the half un-zipped zipper of the skinnies to drape over the shoe. That effect gives me a longer leg line, which I find flattering. An old cracked patent doctor’s satchel adds shine to the outfit, while white-rimmed specs pick up the white of the shirt.

The photo shoot was a frigid experience to say the least. But I forgot about the cold as soon as I saw Spider, an enchanting little Yorkie who desperately wanted in on the action. Our eyes locked from afar and we just had to cuddle. What a stylish little lady in her red argyle jumper. Spider was a complete natural in front of the camera, and meeting her was the very best part of the day.

My big black puffer coat went over the entire outfit along with lined gloves to keep out the chill. I am very glad that I brought two coats to this fashion week. I really wanted to wear bright red in a city that wears a lot of black from head to toe. But I’ll also happily join the black puffer brigade in bitterly cold temperatures.

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