You can tie a regular scarf into all sorts of styles using different knots, tucking the ends away or leaving them to hang down the front of the body. This makes them very versatile. The thing is, you have to know how to tie the knots!

The infinity scarf, on the other hand, couldn’t be easier to wear. It’s “ends” are joined or knitted together, making a tubular form with no ends and no knot required. It has one main look, where you wrap it around your neck once, twice or three times like a muffler. Some infinity scarves can be wrapped like a capelet, which Sal is doing with an Eileen Fisher scarf in this outfit.

Infinity scarves tend to look more casual because they work best in knits that allow them to stretch over the head with ease. Regular scarves are often non-stretch and woven, and therefore dressier, especially when they’re silky in texture.

Infinity scarves are also quite bulky, while regular scarves can be small, or lie very flat against the body. 

I bat for Team Dressy and Team Woven, so it makes sense that I have many regular scarves and not one infinity scarf. But there is lots to appreciate about an infinity scarf and I completely understand the appeal. What is your take on the pros and cons of regular and infinity scarves?

By the way, veteran forum member Nicoleb hand knits infinity scarves and sells them in her Etsy store, nickichicki. Her scarves are as adorable as she is, so be sure to stop by.


Regular scarves on the left, and infinity scarves on the right.

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