Ornella was impressed with this amazing example of cashmere shawl restoration. Wow! Carole came across the same site, MaiTai’s Picture Book, and loved how scarves are tied differently in each outfit. 

Alaskagirl is fascinated by Kasmira’s comparison of her current style to that of five years ago. She discusses which items she kept and which she passed on. 

Inge thought that these tights from Patternity were both eye-catching and arty. 

Laurinda thinks that these 4 universally flattering clothing colours are good shades to keep in mind when expanding a wardrobe palette. She also thinks that they make good colours for blousey twinsets

Kyle says “pile on the bracelets“! Our very own Veteran forum member Taylor has been piling on bracelets for years, trademarking the trend. 

Joy was interested to see that certain designers are more wearable by older women according to The Wall Street Journal

Cocolion loves the chic country squire vibe of Jentine’s outfit

Dianthus found this article on change by Elsita of the Hidden Seed very interesting. 

Jonesy thinks it’s fascinating that our weight is seen by many as something shameful that needs to be kept hidden. Given this state of affairs, just stating one’s weight and measurements publicly as Sal does can seem like a radical act. 

Vildy felt justified when Imogen from InsideOutStyle suggested that you stop over cleaning your clothes. Apparently wool is antibacterial and therefore only needs to be washed every 14 wears! 

Vani is curious about Bootights, tights made especially for boots with built-in padded socks. I’m curious too. 

Mismaven wonders how many of us suffer from what Bridgette Raes calls the China Syndrome? I suffer from many things but China Syndrome is not one of them!

DressLover says that New York Fashion Week might once again be moving venues. Nordstrom might also be opening its first shop in NYC. At last!

Annagybe thinks that this sweater with a gold leather collar is super cute. 

Greg shared this video about the importance on Men’s Shoes according to Jimmy Choo’s Tamara Mellon. I wholeheartedly agree and am happy to report that Greg passes the test with flying colours.