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As with the previous outfit I built around UGG Australia’s new collection, relaxed and texture rich is my starting point for this ensemble. I enjoy creating interesting combinations by matching rigid fabrications like tweed, denim and leather with softer fabrications like jersey, silks, suede, knits and woven polyesters. But this time I’m going for an on-trend ’70s vibe by using either flared jeans or a midi skirt. The look is pretty easy to pull together and you might already have some of the components in your wardrobe. 

A tweed topper, like the Willow & Clay’s Plaid Riding Jacket, is integral to this vibe. It might give you “old college professor” flashbacks, but equestrian tweed jackets are fun to wear with feminine touches. I like an equestrian look complete with elbow patches as long as there is a softness in the ensemble. 

The softness is achieved by adding a soft layer under the jacket like a jersey tee, sweater or silky blouse. Gap’s Chiffon-trim long-sleeve T’s make super layering items and are available in an assortment of colours. Alternatively, add a flowing blouse like you see on the model wearing the jacket. Personally, I would add a sleek sweater like INC’s long sleeved ribbed turtle neck, tucking it into my jeans and finishing off the look with a distressed brown belt. 

Next, add quintessential ’70s wide leg jeans. I’m not a wide leg jeans gal, but love my Gap Long & Leans because they are wider than bootcuts and more streamlined than wide legs. That way I can achieve a ’70s integrity without feeling like I’m drowning in my bottoms. 

UGG Australia’s Lynnea Ankle Boot works perfectly under more flared jeans when you fold up the top. The photo shows the bootie with the top folded down revealing the shearling inner. When worn in this way, the boots look adorable over tapered jeans and leggings, but we’re using wide legs here so folded up is the way to go. My fussy feet like the cozy comfort of this ankle boot, which is surprisingly lightweight.

If you’d prefer to wear a skirt with the top portion of this outfit, retain the ’70s integrity with a flared midi skirt. Swap out the jeans for a soft number like Top Shop’s Animal Print Midi Skirt and wear it with UGG Australia’s Savanna Boot. Mixing animal print with tweed creates a fabulous effect, so be daring! Also, a longer skirt with taller boots is a combination that I find particularly elegant. The Savanna is not a boot for gals with narrow calves, but it’s cozy, soft and warm. 

Finish off the outfit with a bag. Alternative Apparel’s Canyon Rock Satchel is casual in a divinely urban and arty way. It lies flat across the body and fits a large amount of stash. If crossbody bags are not your thing, wear it as a shoulder bag, or remove the strap and carry it by the top handle. 

I’ve left out the jewelry, but add it in as you see fit. Small hoop earrings could be fab, or a dainty necklace and cocktail ring. An oversized wrist watch on its own might do the trick. 

I’ve planted the seeds for this outfit combination. The next step is to personalize the details and make it about your style.

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom.