The infamous knee-high boot by Aerosoles, which is also available in wide toe box widths, has a good chance of fitting ladies with wide calves. They are super soft, cushioning, very comfortable, and attractive. They can be dressed up and down, looking equally good with both dresses and skirts, or over leggings and jeans.

The given measurements of the shaft and circumference of this style are confusing. Boots with a 13-inch circumference, as it states online, are for ladies with narrow calves. Yet these boots fit my client with calves four to five inches wider than that. These boots have a genius two zipper opening, allowing the boot to widen as necessary. The long zipper goes all the way down, while the shorter zipper expands the width of the boot around the calf area. 

These boots will not work on petite gals because the shafts are too high. Yes, the boots given shaft measurement is 13.5 inches, which should work on shorter ladies, but they are longer than that.

Lastly, the boots are made of faux leather and currently retailing for $79.99. Sweet deal and vegan friendly.