A mini skirt or dress finishes at least 3 inches above the top of the knee. Many minis hit women mid thigh, and styles shorter than that are called “micro minis”. Midi skirts and dresses finish below the knee, either just covering the knee or calf length. Lengths that finish between the mini and midi are “knee-length”.

I have one A-line mod mini dress that I wear with hose on fancy occasions. I also have a polka dot bubble dress that doesn’t quite qualify as mini, but it’s short compared to the rest of my skirts and dresses. Personally, I’m not fond of short, tight mini skirts or dresses. I love to see a women’s gorgeous legs but much prefer the vibe of flared mini skirts, either with flats, heels or boots. As for micro minis, I bat for Team Short Shorts, although I do not wear them.

I have many midis. Even before the mainstream trend I had three in my wardrobe. I enjoy both form fitting and very flared midis, keeping them an inch or two below the knee. If I wear a three inch heel, I can wear longer midis. I find this length extremely elegant and retro, especially when worn with modern and edgy outfit touches. I am Team Midi all the way.  

Over to you. Are you Team Mini or Team Midi? Tell us why. No batting for both Teams, and Team Knee Length is sitting out the game today.