Just to be clear, the hemlines of these items are short. We’re talking mid-thigh or shorter.

I am on Team Short Shorts. I like mini skirts and absolutely think they look fabulous on the right body type and in the right outfit combination. But short shorts seem sassier, cheekier and spunkier to my eye. And definitely the less expected and more modern choice. I love, love, love the look of short shorts, either dressy or casual, with a blazer and fun footwear. If I had the gams and youth on my side, I would be all over this look.

I personally prefer minis and short shorts with a bit of volume and flare, rather than styles that are very form fitting. When showing a large amount of leg skin, a baggier silhouette balances out the alluring factor.

Over to you. Are you on Team Mini Skirt or on Team Short Shorts? Tell us why. Remember that you don’t need to wear them to bat for a team. But you can only bat for one Team.