I think most of us go through our lives with a core set of style preferences — colours, patterns, vibes and design details — that we always enjoy. But we also find ourselves being drawn to completely new and different things on each leg of our style journey. 

For example, ever since I was very little I’ve loved bright red, white, apple green, pearls, denim, handbags, watches, silver and flat riding boots. As I grew older, my style preferences expanded to include most bright colours, polka dots, black and white combinations, military and equestrian designs, abstract florals, sheath dresses, button down shirts, rugged boots, specs and Chanel. 

I still love the things that I’ve been drawn to for most of my life. But over the last year I’ve noticed that I’m drawn to designs and patterns that I haven’t appreciated since I was a teen. In some cases, I’m drawn to things that never appealed to me before. 

I haven’t worn gold since I was a baby, and now I bat for Team Gold. I haven’t liked lace since the ’80s, and I just bought a black lace shirt. I’ve loved zebra and pony prints forever, but now I favour leopard and cheetah patterns. I’ve been a dress gal for ages, but this year I have enjoyed wearing trousers more than dresses. 

Your turn, ladies. Do you have a set of stylistic preferences that you are drawn to consistently? And have you recently noticed any changes in your own style preferences?