All of Seattle was elated last Sunday as we enjoyed a sunny and hot 83 degree day (28 degrees Celsius). This year’s dismal Spring and Summer weather made it an absolute pleasure! I couldn’t wait to bust out a sleeveless top and wear it without an additional layer. 

I wore a casual outfit that day because I caught up on admin at home, ran a couple of errands, and joined Phoebe for her photo shoot in the afternoon. I wore my newly repurposed clamdiggers and am pleased with how they turned out. Somehow, they actually look better as clams than as skinnies. I rolled them up because they haven’t been hemmed. 

I matched up my clams with a sleeveless grey pinstripe Winter dress that I usually wear with over the knee boots and hose, or over skinny jeans. Ironically, I actually prefer wearing this grey frock in the Summertime because I like it best worn on it’s own. No under layers or outer layers. It has a complex collar that’s aching to take centre stage, and the dropped waist looks most effective when it drapes as a single layer. 

I’m one of those people who can handle the heat. When everyone else is in sandals, I’m the one in closed shoes because I find it more comfortable (my feet generally do not like the straps on sandals). Adding my flat oxfords to this outfit is an acquired taste, but I like the arty vibe. It’s strong, simple and makes a statement. 

I added a black polka dot floral pin to bookend the black of the shoes. My black and white specs and white watch also match the peds. I finished off the outfit with a very colourful satchel and left off the pearls. I could comfortably dash around styling Phoebe and Kai for the photo shoot in this outfit and I wasn’t too hot at all. 

The proportions and combination of items here are unusual. A dropped waist worn with clams, WITH high vamped, high contrast flat shoes is not everyone’s cup of tea. Neither is a dressy Winter dress worn over very faded denim. But the playful combination works to my eye and I felt fab wearing it — bright white legs and all.