Last Saturday Greg and I spent part of the day enjoying our local Seattle neighbourhood. We love walking, so we traveled on foot despite iffy weather. It stayed dry, but I would have been prepared for a downpour, having opted for flat weatherproof boots worn over Gap Leans with umbrella on hand.

It’s starting to get chilly and I easily feel the cold, so packing on the layers is essential. I matched my practical and casual cold weather “leans-tucked-into-boots” uniform with a roomy, drop waist, grey pinstriped sheath dress layered over a black button down shirt. I topped it off with an old retro cobalt blue coat, allowing the French cuffed sleeves of the shirt to peak out from under the sleeves of the coat. I do not mind wearing a shorter sleeved coat over a long sleeved top if the layers are low contrast. I added a cream and black polka dot scarf to the inside of the collar, cravat style, too keep things cozy. The cream also breaks up the severity of the black shirt against my face.

We had lunch at the La Cote Creperie, which is small and simple with wonderful food. Then it was off to the Essential Bakery for fresh bread and the pet supply store a few doors down to replenish Jasmine and Rosie’s supply of chewable bones. As besotted pet owners our doggies get far too many treats!

This ensemble is relatively monochromatic compared to the bright casual outfits I normally wear. Although the coat is vibrant, the ensemble lacks bold contrasts. But hubby likes this look a lot and I enjoy the change.