Oh how I want to weep when I see fabulous handbags stashed away at the bottom of a closet, collecting dust and losing their shape. All I want to do is rescue those little darlings and give them the attention that they deserve!

On a more empathetic note, I do understand that handbags are hard to store because they are bulky and often oddly shaped. Here are some storage ideas that might help.

  • Keep them in easy reach: Out of sight, out of mind.
  • Stuff them with paper: This is not essential, but I stuff my standing handbags to retain their shape. They also look neater and stand upright more easily this way. I fill up knotted plastic bags with paper and use that as stuffing.
  • Bag covers: Pricey handbags often come with a felt or flannel drawstring slip cover. Apart from my Chanel and Valentino handbags, I do not keep handbags in their slip covers unless I’m traveling. Our walk-in wardrobe protects them just fine, and I like to see my handbags each day as I shop my closet. They are my wardrobe pets.
  • Shelving: Handbags are best stored upright on shelves. Use shelf dividers for extra support.
  • Cupboard: If shelving is not an option, try a cupboard or armoire. Pop handbags into see-through boxes for better stacking results.
  • Handbag Cubby: If you have the space, storing handbags in cubbies is a good idea.
  • Drawers and Baskets: Small clutches and handbags for occasion wear can be stored out of sight in a drawer because they don’t come out to play as frequently.
  • Over the door handbag rack: These come in all shapes and sizes, like this one from Home Depot. The Heavenly Handbag Holder is another solution.
  • Hooks: Sometimes you can create an attractive display by hanging bags on hooks in your room or walk-in wardrobe.
  • Coat Rack: Some of my clients hang their handbags on coat racks close to the front door.

I use multiple storage options because I have many, many handbags. Most of them are displayed on open shelves in our very small walk-in wardrobe, but also use an over the door handbag rack and pack away some of my beaded clutches in drawers. I swap out my handbags almost daily and that’s why they have to be on hand and out of their felt bags. Like you, I don’t have much time to get ready in the morning. How do you store your handbags?

Of course, with all those pretty handbags on display, you won’t want to let things down with the aesthetics of the closet itself. On that topic, Maria from ColourMeHappy wrote a wonderful post today on choosing the best colour for your closet.