This is one of my favourite ways to wear a silky scarf for Spring. The scarf is tied like a men’s tie and worn inside the collar of a blouse or shirt. The effect is a little like a cravat, only more breezy and not quite as strict. Perhaps we should call it the “the casual cravat”.

You’ll need a soft silky scarf that’s about 35 by 35 inches in size. Fold it corner to corner to create a triangle. Fold the triangle repeatedly into a long worm and drape it around your neck INSIDE the collar of the blouse or shirt. Tie the scarf as if you were tying a mans tie. Pull the knot so that it lies comfortably around the neck, with the knot tight or as loose as you like. I like mine quite tight so that it shortens the length of my giraffe neck. To elongate the neck, position the knot further away from the base of the neck.

Tuck the ends of the scarf back into your top and Bob’s your Uncle.

The scarf actually stays in place all day sans theĀ addition of a safety pin. You could also use this scarf tying technique on the inside of collared dresses. In fact, collars aren’t even essential. Try it with a collarless V-neck blouse or knit top. Could be quite edgy.

I recently received this particular scarf from a dear friend who lives in Europe. I’d say she absolutely nailed it!