You’re on Team One Piece Swimsuit (or bathing costume, as I like to call them) if you prefer to wear a one piece while you swim or lounge by the pool, beach and lake. You’re on Team Two Piece Swimsuit if you prefer to wear a bikini.

I don’t know how a tankini fits into this race. Technically it’s a two piece, but it often has the effect of a one piece. Also, some styles are cut to showcase a part of the tummy area whereas other styles completely cover that region. Because its subject to interpretation and styling, it’s your call on picking a Team if you prefer to wear tankinis.

I am on Team One Piece 100%. And I’ll narrow that down even further — I am on Team Gottex One Piece 100%. I look okay in a bikini, but I feel more elegant and streamlined in a one piece. And it’s all about how we feel in an item of clothing, right? Especially when exposing so much skin!

I’ve tried tankinis but for some reason they never fit as well as a one piece. Wearing a one piece makes going to the loo less convenient, but I can live with that. I’ve been wearing a one piece for 15 years and do not see that bathing costume strategy changing as I get older.

Over to you. Are you Team One Piece or Team Two Piece? Tell us why. You were allowed to bat for both Teams last week, so absolutely no batting for both Teams this week.