I expect this to be another really easy poll. You are on Team Jeans if, given the choice, you would wear jeans rather than leggings. Vice versa for Team Leggings. And then there’s the fabulous “Legging Jean” which is a hybrid of the two. Legging Jeans, or Leans, are more like jeans, so they fall under jeans for this poll.

I enjoy wearing stirrup and zippered leggings in fun ways, like under a voluminous woven dress or black pencil skirt. The look brings back fond 80’s memories that make me smile. But I love jeans and leans even more. I can wear them year round in Seattle and have several pairs. I am on Team Jeans.

Over to you. Are you Team Leggings or Team Jeans? Tell us why, and you know you can’t bat for both Teams.