I was delighted when forum member RoseandJoan (Julie) sent this article my way. Duran Duran, one of my all-time favourite pop bands, was recently honoured for their stylish image during Milan Fashion Week just before a special concert performance in the city. Brilliant!

I’ve been a Duran Duran fan from the very start – like from 1980. I’ve seen them in concert three times during their three decade career and still listen to most of their music. At age 16 it was my destiny to marry Simon le Bon, but met Greg before that happened and as they say the rest is history. I’ve always thought of Duran Duran as a super stylish bunch of blokes. From ruffled Baroque shirts, stove pipes and dog collars in their early days, to big boxy blazers, ties, linen, leather and funky coloured suits as they grew up. They made a point of wearing jeans sparingly and if I’m not mistaken it’s still a band dress code rule not to wear them onstage.

Today the blokes are in their early 50’s and you’ll see them in lots of textured black-from-head- to-toe outfits, spunked up suits, and very peroxided hair. I LOVE that they were awarded for their stylish presence during Milan Fashion Week. It’s yet another example of over 50 year olds rocking my style world.

This Google search is a great way to see their style over the years.

Which pop bands and rock stars light your style fire?