Marc Jacobs is an American icon. He is probably the most popular and talked about fashion designer of his generation and will go down as a legend. I like his clothing designs, but it’s his handbag collection that launches me into orbit season after season. That being said, his fashion shows are always entertaining and this one did not disappoint.

As a lover of polka dots, he had me from the word go. Marc Jacobs shows polka dots on everything, from the hose and accessories, to the clothes themselves – and all in one outfit. I like how the futuristic, somewhat strict integrity of these buttoned up designs contrasts with the playful whimsy of the polka dots. In contrast to DKNY’s loose and voluminous silhouettes, these were tapered and form fitting. The colour palette is in line with what I’ve seen all week: black, white/cream, red and blue, if a bit more subdued than some of the other collections.

I also enjoyed seeing retro midi skirt and dress styles contrast with plastic and vinyl fabrications. The rubberized boots are fun and the plush clutches are playful in the extreme. I LOVE the miniature berets that remind me of acorn tops. Mr. Jacobs is talented and very creative. No doubt about it.

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