This poll investigates which type of white you prefer to wear in any size, shape or form. By “cream” I don’t mean tan or beige, but colours like ivory or off-white are included. When I say “white” I mean pure, bright white.

I have an assortment of white button downs, regularly wear a white watch, specs and sunglasses, sport white boots, leather jacket and handbag and have a white iPhone. On the other hand, I am the queen of cream footwear, pearls, belts and handbags, sport a cream trench and coat, and have several cream shirts and blouses.

Well ladies, I’m sitting this one out because batting for both Teams is not allowed. I wear both white and cream with great joy and they are equally represented in my wardrobe. I cannot pick one over the other.

Over to you. Are you Team White or Team Cream? Tell us why. You’ll sit out the game if you don’t sport either one, or if you can’t decide between the two.