Fabulous forum member MaryK kindly offered to host a YLF clothing Swap in Pasedena, CA, last month. It looks and sounds like everyone had an absolute ball and I wish that I could have been there too! MaryK works in the legal field and is known for her Business Bombshell style, warmth and fab sense of humour on our forum. She had the swapping show on the road in no time.

On a sunny winter Sunday in Southern California, nine lovely YLF forum members and friends came together in a quiet neighborhood to share an abundance of fashion, fun and friendship.  I knew it would be a great fashion day, but I had no idea it would be such an amazing friendship day!

My friend Amanda came early, armed with cheese and crackers, homemade cookies and multiple bags of incredibly cute clothing!  As she was taking the last few things out of her car, forum member Marley arrived and they instantly hit it off, chatting away in the street outside the house!  I would have recognized Marley anywhere, with her sparkling bright blue eyes and gorgeous smile, looking incredibly chic yet ready for action in leans, flats, a soft gray sweater and pretty purple scarf.

The three of us hung up Amanda’s and Marley’s clothes on the racks I’d rented, put the finishing touches on the snack table, poured a round of mimosas, and declared the swap officially “on.”  No sooner had we done so when the doorbell started ringing, and in short order we had welcomed everyone in.

There was YLF forum member Zoelicious, whose striped top coordinated beautifully with skinny jeans tucked into fab cognac boots. Nico, a new member who looked fab in a floaty tiered top and the most fantastic sparkly silver sandals. Rae was next to arrive, rocking a pair of funky black boots, while her friend Stella sported a great 70s-inspired look.

My friend Isabel from work, who not only looked fab in her pink sweater and brought a bunch of great swap items (including an Anne Klein suit that fit Rae like it was made for her), but had carted a full-length mirror from her house to mine so we could all check out the merchandise with ease! Forum member Kira, with an amazing style all her own also graced us with her presence. She has the most fab mane of long, long red hair!

Amidst shrieks of delight as forum members met for the first time, the house was transformed into a beehive of activity as everyone got their clothes hung up and accessories laid out.  At first swappers were a little shy, saying things like “If nobody wants to try this on, I guess I will…”  But within minutes, caution was thrown to the wind and it was every woman for her (still very polite and considerate) self!

We used my bedroom, with its wall of mirrored closet doors, as a dressing room.  Modesty was thrown to the winds as the pile of clothes on my bed got higher and higher, along with the noise level!  Items were traded, suggestions were given, thumbs were turned up or down, combinations were tweaked, and the YLF sisterhood outdid itself in fashion savvy and just plain girly fun.  It was like having a whole houseful of personal shoppers and stylists ready to give advice and suggestions – all at no charge!

Some of the most magical moments:

  • Everybody tried on the striped and ruffled J. Crew button down shirt, and everybody loved it, but the fit wasn’t exactly right on anybody — until Kira tried it.  Then the clouds parted and the angels started singing, because that shirt was obviously made just for her.
  • Speaking of angels, Amanda definitely looked like one in Stella’s fun and funky fringed dress.
  • Marley in the red cheongsam, took everybody’s breath away and brought the proceedings to a total (if momentary) standstill.
  • Rae + jeans + beaded silk tank + matching shrug = perfection!
  • Nico trying on my blue raincoat with the spring flowers at the very end, just as everyone was leaving.  It made me look dumpy and frumpy, but on her it was perfect in every way!

As the afternoon wound down, we gathered in the living room for “show and tell,” in which everybody displayed her finds to the group.  That was definitely the best part, because the original owners got to see where their pieces had ended up, and there was much oo-ing and ah-ing over just how amazing everybody looked in their newly-acquired loot and just how happy everybody was to see their closet orphans going to good homes!  And amazingly enough, everybody had at least half a dozen great items, with an average of twice that or more!

Quite simply, it was the Best. Day. Ever.  Money was saved, wardrobes were updated, and best of all, fantastic friendships were forged and strengthened.  We’re thinking it needs to be at least a semi-annual event.  Thank you, Angie and YLF, for bringing us together!