The Dansko Veda combines traditional preppy sneaker styling with its signature clog platform. So this shoe feels like the Dansko Professional (ample arch support, a cushioning footbed, a non-slip grip and very roomy toe box) but looks more like a Converse All Star sneaker.

Quite a few of my Dansko-loving clients have fallen hard for this shoe because it’s sporty, extremely comfortable and a fresh look for Spring.

I vote yay and nay. Nay for me because Danskos do not work for my feet and the style is too chunky for my tastes. I prefer to wear streamlined Chuck Taylors with the addition of a soft insole. But I do vote yay for my clients because their feet are happy and underneath wider boot cuts and flared jeans, the Dansko Veda looks quite sweet.

These pictures link to, but the reviews on Nordstrom’s site are also worth a look.

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