Dansko is a European comfort footwear brand that offers sweet looking casual styles like the Penelope, Reegan, Rory and Ryder. And then there’s the Professional, the quintessential Dansko clog (pictured below). Not so sweet. I’d be dishonest if I said that I thought this was a good looking shoe.

Regardless of how I feel about the aesthetics of the Dansko Professional, it is extremely popular and sells well each season. People love them! It’s no wonder that the style received five stars on Zappos after a whopping 665 reviews.

The Dansko Professional is adored because it’s extremely comfortable, weather resistant, non-slip, well made and lasts forever. Doctors, Veterinarians, Nurses and many others in the medical profession swear by these shoes because they offer the necessary arch support – a must for when you’re on your feet all day.

Here in Seattle the Dansko Professional is a popular choice of casual shoe no matter what your profession. And believe it or not, I am totally on board with the look when the clogs are worn in a certain way. I have fussy feet and empathize with the need for perpetual footwear comfort. So if Dansko clogs are the only type of shoe that some of my clients can wear on a regular basis to prevent foot pain, let’s make it work with style. Here’s how:

  • Bottoms: Pair the clogs with flared or extra-wide hemmed boot cut jeans or casual pants, making sure that the hems almost skim the ground. That way the wider hems drape well over the shoes, exposing parts of the toe while covering up the rest. The two inch heel on the clog provides a good amount of height for the flared hems. A low contrast between the colour of the clogs and the pants makes for a more streamlined look.
  • Tops: The clog is a casual shoe, and although we do want to increase the overall style quotient, it will work best with casual items on top. Add a casual sweater or layer a tee under a cardigan. For a more structured effect, throw in a casual jacket, blazer or coat.
  • Bookend: Try to bookend the colour of the clogs with either your hair, a clothing item, or an accessory on the top portion of the ensemble. Bookending is not a must, but in this case we’re trying to spiff up the outfit and bookending will help you to feel more pulled together.
  • Flair: Add some flair by finishing off the look with a wooly scarf or a casual pendant necklace. Feel free to wear an adorable beret or newsboy cap too.

Of course I’d love to see prettier casual shoes on my clients, but foot pain is no joke. Making the Dansko Professional look cute in casual outfits is possible. A gal has to do what a gal has to do.

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