New York market research firm JWT recently published a trend report, “Life and Style: Things to Watch for 2011,” mentioning faster fashion and f-commerce as two things to expect next year.

Spanish retailer Zara has long been praised for its incredible supply chain that can take new fashion ideas to store shelves in a matter of weeks. But the lag time for most retailers is much longer than that and when you read about a new trend during fashion week, you often have to wait 6 months or more before it works its way into stores. JWT thinks consumer desire for instant gratification is going to pressure retailers into shortening this lag time. I’m all for it.

The second trend, f-commerce, is the sale of products directly through Facebook. Apparently Victoria’s Secret is doing this already and JWT expects other brands to follow suit as they dive deeper into social media.

All very interesting, especially to those who shop online. You can read more about the full report, or watch this brief video overview.

Via the LA Times.