This is a trick that I learnt while on a Museum hop in Amsterdam. On my way into the museum, the staff at the coat check pushed a portion of the scarf into the inside armhole of my coat for safe keeping before they hung it up. That way I was much less likely to lose my scarf or leave it behind at the museum. So simple, yet so effective!

It is an especially good trick for blokes, who usually take off their coats and scarves when indoors, but still out and about, like at a restaurant or the cinema.

Outside our home I rarely remove my scarf when I’m indoors because I’m normally wearing one that is integral to my outfit. But sometimes I do and no doubt this trick has saved us from parting ways more than once.

Do you use this trick? I have only seen it employed in Europe, but I imagine people in the United States use it too. Still, it isn’t very common in my experience so I thought I’d spread the word.