It’s by no means a faux pas to wear wide leg trousers with flat footwear. There are women who pull off the look with sass and style. High-waisted wide leg trousers are especially elongating of the leg line, so wearing flats won’t necessarily make you look and feel dumpy.

That being said, I still vote nay because 99% of the time I prefer wide leg trousers matched with heels and with hems that almost skim the ground. The higher the heel, the more I like the look. It’s as if you’re walking on stilts and the effect is quite dramatic and elegant.

Heels worn with wide leg trousers needn’t be super high. One and a half to two inch heels work just fine, and in true 70’s style so do platformed clogs. You are in for a treat if you like wide leg trousers because as a nod to both 70’s and 90’s fashion they will be big in 2011.

Do you vote yay or nay for wearing wide leg trousers with flats?