I sometimes wonder what my style will be like 20 years from now (I will be 60). Our dazzlingly stylish 50 plus forum members, a particular 70 year old client who rocks my style world, the more mature ladies on the streets of Hong Kong and Paris, and 62 year old Vera Wang’s ensembles are all an inspiration when I look into the crystal ball to see my future personal style. These ladies make me look forward to having as much fun with fashion later on in life as I do now. Thank you!

How much will my look change, and what will stay constant? It all became a little clearer when I saw what looked like my older double walking out of Barney’s a few weeks ago. She was a similar height and size and if I had to guess her age, I would say early 60’s. She had short grey/blonde hair, black retro specs and a peaches and cream complexion. She wore a dark grey silky blouse with an impeccably cut and interesting gangster-striped charcoal blazer. It had tails, a slightly voluminous sleeve, lots of pockets, a high stance and was quite avant-garde. On the bottom she wore skinny mid blue jeans tucked into flat black shiny knee-high riding boots. She’d added a beautiful wool-silk blend black, blue and cream geometric patterned scarf, a pearl bracelet and a chunky gold watch. Her make-up was barely visible but the polish was there. A slightly pink cheek and lip with strongly defined eyebrows. She carried a simple cream Chanel handbag sans the chain detail straps, and walked out the store clutching an umbrella with her two King Charles spaniels in tow.

I was mesmerized by the inspiring mystery lady and her dogs, and I stared at her from across the road until she faded into the distance. If I’d been closer by, I’d have walked straight up to her and gushed about her killer look. Alas the opportunity was not there, but the image of her style is implanted into my brain. This is how I’d like to sport smart casual wear 20 years from now. A little more monochromatic, tailored and classic than my current style, but with just the right amount of fashionable spunk. I would also like to own the perfect cream Chanel handbag.

Have you thought about the flavour of your style 20 years from now? How do you envisage your future look? Care to share what you see in your style crystal ball?