Greg, Rosie, Jasmine and I are celebrating our eighth Thanksgiving today. For me, the tradition of this holiday becomes more meaningful each year because I have a great deal to be thankful for.

From a fashion and style point of view and in no particular order, I’m very thankful for the following things:

  • My absolutely KILLER local and international clientele. I find it extremely rewarding working with you. We work hard when we’re together, but the friendship that is fostered along the way is priceless – not to mention the incessant laughter that ensures a lasting connection. Thank you for trusting me to help you find your sense of style, and above all for making it a fun process.
  • Launching YLF’s new look in September and hitting over a million page views a month.
  • Attending New York Fashion Week twice this year and sitting front row at the Tibi Show.
  • Comfortable boots and flat oxfords – especially at Fashion Week.
  • Our incomparable and fabulous readership whose intelligence, generosity, wit and infinite wisdom knows no bounds. You ROCK.
  • All the veteran forum members, who continue to give so much of their own precious time to help and support others.
  • My better half Greg. You are the reason we started a very small blog several years ago. I can scarcely believe we now have a bustling community. You continue to inspire me in more ways than you know.
  • Last but not least, Yorkshire Terriers Rosie and Jasmine for being our little angels from heaven. Your loyal companionship when I write my blog posts is a constant source of therapeutic comfort. And you always perk me up when anything gets me down.

We’ve had a bitterly cold couple of days in Seattle, with temperatures well below freezing. Our first Snow Day this season! When the storm is gone and the sun comes out, the whole family likes to bundle up and play outside. So that’s what we did and our red and yellow style was (accidentally!) matchy-matchy all round.

I wore tights under faded skinnies tucked into weather-proof 20 eyelet Dr. Marten boots. I hauled out my warmest knitwear and undergarments, threw on a warm wool scarf, metallic gold puffer coat, gloves and red animal print newsboy hat. Rosie and Jasmine wore chunky red turtleneck jumpers over little grey sweatshirts with yellow harnesses. The girls had fun and so did we.

We at YLF wish you a very happy and peaceful Thanksgiving Weekend.