Fabulous Maria from Colour Me Happy recently went to a Colour Conference in Oregon. There incoming president of the Color Marketing Group Mark Woodman posed an interesting question: What is the colour of fun? He added that the colour of fun is NEVER beige.

As someone who adores vibrantly bright colours, I am so with Mr. Woodman. It doesn’t matter how saturated, sparkly or iridescent the colour beige, for me it cannot conjure up feelings of fun. Even dull colours like black and grey seem more fun than any shade of beige. Why is that? Is it because I perceive beige to be lifeless?

In January I wrote a post on what makes a colour happy. I believe a happy colour is a personal thing, a colour that makes YOU feel happy. For some its bright colours like yellow, red and green, for others its pastels, jewel tones, neutrals or muted hues. And for some it might even be beige!

How do you feel about the colour beige and could it ever be the colour of fun for you?