I have a pair of brown tweed shorts, chestnut Frye boots, leopard print ballet flats, a 70’s rust pleather jacket and a white and brown polka dot mod dress. I absolutely adore these brown or partially brown items and wear them frequently. But other than that, my wardrobe is devoid of brown. It’s my least favourite colour AND I happen to look better in black. Black is also more compatible with my style, since I’m quite dressy, urban, a little retro and often wear white pearls. I am Team Black all the way.

I might not wear brown, but I do love it on those who wear it well. I often choose shades of brown for clients when black is harsh or dull against their skin tone. Ladies who typically rock an Autumn palette wear earthy browns to perfection. I was with one of those clients this week and she looked sensational in all shades of brown. Conversely, it’s a myth that everyone can wear black!

Over to you. Are you Team Black or Team Brown? Tell us why and no batting for both Teams. However, I will let you bat for Team Grey or Ink Blue if you don’t wear either black or brown.