My passion for style and fashion runs deep because of these simple truths:

  1. Style is a celebration of individuality.
  2. Style is beyond size, age, lifestyle, body type and budget.
  3. Style is a not one way of dressing.
  4. Style can be learned.
  5. Style is the sum of many parts.
  6. Style is about an element of current fashion.
  7. Style is subjective.
  8. Style is infectious and addictive.
  9. Style is from the inside out.
  10. Style evolves over time.

Since style is a way of expressing our spirit and self-knowledge, style journeys are often liberating and empowering. That’s why style isn’t frivolous. That’s why YLF is heading into its fifth year and I can post about the subject matter twice a day. That’s why you’re interested in style and fashion too. That’s why style is eternal.