Although we’re often contacted by merchants who would like us to host a giveaway for one their products, we’ve only done this a few times and typically as part of a larger feature. We want to keep the main YLF blog focused on the topic of personal style, and commercial intrusions to a minimum.

At the same time, the giveaways we didn’t host felt like a lost opportunity to give our readers free products. So a few weeks  ago we had a discussion in the forum about running giveaways here on YLF. There were some great ideas and we have incorporated them into a new feature on the site: YLF Competitions.

YLF Competitions is a separate part of the site. From time to time Angie may mention one of the giveaways on the main blog, but this typically won’t be the case. New competitions will be promoted on the YLF front page and elsewhere on the site.

Anyone can enter the competitions, but signed up members will get special benefits. For example, in the case of a giveaway, members will get an extra chance to win. This only seems fair given all that our members do to make the site what it is.

We are kicking off YLF Competitions with a giveaway by Sperry Top-Sider. Be sure to check it out.