This collection was probably the most wearable and casual of all the shows we have seen this week. For one thing a lot of the models wore flat shoes, which is unusual on the catwalk. Flat oxfords, loafers and gladiators graced the feet of most of the models. The others wore high heeled tan wedges.

Most of the collection was beige, camel and white. There was a little black and a spot of bright purple, tomato red and yolk yellow. Fabrics were both soft and stiff. Silhouettes were both tailored and unstructured. We’ve seen this theme run through most of the collections, which hopefully means that there will be plenty to choose from in Spring.

Every item in this collection could be worn straight off the bat. Very mainstream, commercial and not over the top at all. Tibi showed short shorts, maxi dresses and skirts, strapless empire cut frocks, crocheted tops and dresses, button down shirts, strappy shells and palazzo pants. She also showed strong shouldered tops and dresses that I liked a lot.

And now for my confession: my favourite item in this collection was the silky black broad strapped muu muu jumpsuit below on the left. I know, I know! Impractical and fit for a child. I have said that about jumpsuits so many times and now I’m eating my words. But there was something about this particular outfit that was extremely refreshing and fun. I also think you had to see it in motion to really appreciate the look.

All in all, Tibi was not one of my favourite shows because I can’t get that excited about beige clothing, maxi dresses and palazzo pants. But I LOVED seeing the models wear funky flat shoes with their ensembles and I want to thank the designer for that refreshing change.