Allison Parris prides herself on being a socially responsible designer. As far as possible she sources domestic organic fabric and trims for her creations. She also has her collection made in American factories that pay a fair wage. Of particular interest is that the satin lining of her garments is made from recycled plastic bottles. How is that even possible! Since the designs were showcased in the form of a presentation I was able to touch and feel this very unique lining. It was soft and felt like satin. Amazing!

I was able to speak to Allison directly, which makes the information for this post first hand. Another delight. The palette of the collection is neutral because Allison prefers soft muted tones for her own wardrobe. She also bases her designs on silhouettes that she would like to wear. She showed both long and short dresses and skirts, mostly with form fitting torsos. I loved the tulle underneath the skirts and the use of ink blue instead of black. I also liked the ever so slight vintage inspiration mixed in with a the very organic mood of the collection.

Of particular note was the regular height of the models. They were wearing 5 inch heels in the presentation but walked around barefoot before they stood in place. Walking through the audience without their shoes, they were my height.

For me, the show stopper of the collection was the little young model sitting center stage. How can a beautiful little five year old with a perfect blond bob and black tulle skirt not steal the show.