I have two pairs of sandals and many, many pairs of boots. From the daintiest of booties to tall over the knee styles. I have boots in an assortment of colours, heel heights and levels of dressiness. I am Team Boots.

I don’t generally enjoy the feeling of straps on my sensitive feet even though my sandals are soft and comfortable. I prefer the comfort of closed shoes with socks. Of all closed footwear styles, I like the look and feeling of boots best – in all shapes, styles and colours. I feel powerful in boots. Like a superhero ready to change the world.

Don’t get me wrong. I adore the look of sandals too, and the assortment seems to improve each season. But there’s just nothing quite as magical as a killer pair of boots. I love, love, love boots!

Over to you. Are you Team Sandals or Team Boots? Tell us why. By now you know the drill, so no batting for both sides.