I feel extremely uncomfortable when I don’t wear a bra. If I can’t wear an item of clothing with some type of bra support, I will pass on the look completely. I’m not well endowed, but the feeling of the girls swinging around when I walk, never mind run, is very unpleasant. It’s like I let loose a herd of horses and I need to rein them back in to safety.

I am only ever sans bra when I sleep, or when I’m in my loungewear just before I head off to bed or the shower. I am sans bra when I’m in my bathing costume too, but fortunately that has built in bra support. If I end up wearing loungewear during the day, I still put on a bra just because it feels more comfortable that way.

Aesthetic preferences aside, I have always felt most comfortable wearing a bra. Even when I was younger and my bust line was perkier. The added structure somehow makes me feel more in control of any given situation. For practical and psychological reasons I like to wear a bra 99.9% of waking time, even when relaxing at home.

Perhaps it’s a modesty thing, perhaps I’m a creature of habit, but my brassiere has quite a controlling effect on my life. How about you? Do you prefer to wear a bra most of the time? Do you feel more in control of your day when you wear a bra? Do you enjoy the bra-less feeling? When are you bra-less? Would you go bra-less more often if aesthetics were not an issue?