I never fancied suede footwear for one main reason: suede doesn’t wear well and it’s very hard to clean, so it wasn’t long before the item looked untidy. But I’ve recently changed my mind. Perhaps my eyes have adjusted to the look now that distressed leather has become a fashion statement and we’ve seen a few seasons of deliberately distressed suede footwear in stores. Perhaps I’m just appreciating the rugged and worn urban look more these days.

Some suede footwear styles and colours lend themselves better to both deliberate and inevitable walk and wear distressing than others, like casual brown or grey boots for instance. Dressier suede footwear like fuchsia stiletto pumps look less good distressed in my opinion – but not too bad.

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These days you can weatherproof suede with a spray, or buy weatherproof suede footwear from brands like Aquatalia. So while you can’t eliminate the wear, you can keep your feet dry. It’s amazing! If you lead a casual lifestyle, suede boots might be the way to go.

I don’t own suede footwear but I’m much more open to the idea now that I’m at peace with its distressed look. No more fretting trying to keep the suede looking as pristine as possible. Quite the relief. What are your feelings on suede footwear? Do you like the look of worn suede?