Obviously I’m Team Pearls! And I’m a white pearl girl through and through. I absolutely adore diamonds on others, but the sky would have to fall before I switched Teams. I have a few microscopic scattered diamonds on my almost antique wedding ring, but that’s it. Pearls is another story.

I have been besotted with pearls for a long, long time and have been wearing them since I was a little girl (pearl studs in the ears). There isn’t a gem stone, precious metal or gorgeous piece of costume jewelry that sends me into orbit as much as a KILLER pearl piece. I find the luster of the bead utterly mesmerizing and feel magical wearing any type of pearl.

Over to you. Are you Team Diamonds or Team Pearls? You don’t need to sport real diamonds or pearls to be on a Team. Costume jewelry is just fine as long as you don’t bat for both sides! And if neither remotely tickle your fancy, there’s a spot for you on the bench.