I recently stumbled across an article on the wackiest beauty products ever and I thought it would be fun to share. Here they are:

  1. Press-on eyeshadow: In the spirit of keeping an open mind, it could be fab for rock concerts, fancy-dress parties and theater costumes. I wonder how well it works?
  2. Tooth gems: Certainly one way to add a little sparkle to your life.
  3. Foot tanning machine: I don’t understand this one. My lower legs and feet (along with my face and forearms) tan before other parts of my body. Remember my two toned feet? I could better understand a thigh tanning machine.
  4. Twilight makeup: Again, great for costumes and fancy-dress parties.
  5. Detox footpads: Very skeptical about this type of thing.
  6. Breastmilk soap: Interesting…..
  7. Bacon flavored lip balm: As a person who does not eat mammals – no thank you.
  8. Eau de Play-Dough: Hah! Great name. I did love the smell of play dough when I was little, but doubt I’d sport it as a perfume today. I’m sticking with Kenzo Flower.
  9. Sheep placenta face cream: Really?
  10. Mood nail polish: This nail polish changes colour when your body changes temperature. Probably the most fun product on this list.

And if you are using any of these products, please set me straight in the comments. It is quite possible that I need to have a more open mind.