I have pale skin that does actually change colour when exposed to the sun. It burns easily when unprotected, but turns a light shade of brown once the red has faded. I’m completely untanned because I wear sunblock and do not go on beach or pool vacations. This usually makes tan lines a non-issue.

But an unusually sunny and warm Spring in Seattle has left its mark. Although I don’t actively seek it out, I’m often in the sun because I walk our dogs and dash about outside every day. As a result I’ve developed an odd tan line across the top of my feet from wearing pumps and ballet flats. Hilarious. It’s not going to fade any time soon either because I’ll be sporting this type of shoe frequently until the end of September.

Oh well. I’m more than happy to sport two-toned feet if it means we get to keep our magnificent weather. I’ve also provided amusement when I take my shoes off in other people’s homes. It is what it is. Have you acquired any strange tan lines lately?

Tan Lines on My FeetBallet Flats Hide the Lines