The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is drawing to a close (prices go back up on the 2nd of August). For me it has been a very busy three and half weeks. I started off by preselecting merchandise for myself and then preselected items with several clients – both locally and further afield. I also had loads of fun preselecting with sister-in-law Keri, who visited from London. She was absolutely thrilled with her purchases and modeled them for us.

Hours after the sale commenced at midnight on 16 July we provided a list of my top picks to help you navigate the sale. The bargain hunt was on, both online and in stores, and the forum was immediately a hive of activity. Once their purchases were made, members were excited to show them off and receive feedback on what to keep and what to return.

It’s been a treat to see NAS items modeled on the forum. Thanks to everyone for sharing your loot with us. You make stunning models and I adore the stuff you got! We have showcased some examples at the end of this post, but there are many more in the forum.

Unfortunately, there were also disappointed sale shoppers this year. Nordstrom under supplied several sale items and ran out of stock fast. Some of the items were gone in the middle of preselections and never made it to the first day of the sale. Even some preselected sale orders went unfulfilled. That’s the worst because avoiding this situation is the reason you preselected in the first place. However, NAS shoppers return heavily so some items came back into stock during the course of the sale.

For the most part it was a great sale with many happy clients and forum members. I too managed to find a number of superb pieces that you’ll probably see in blog posts over the next few months.

Did you shop the NAS and find fab pieces? I’d love to hear about your purchases. I’m sorry if you were one of the unlucky and disappointed shoppers. I hope the sale is better to you next year.

NAS Loot 1

NAS Loot 2

NAS Loot 3