People often use the contact form to inquire about engaging me as a fashion stylist. In some cases the people live in or near Seattle and we have subsequently worked together. In other cases people have traveled to Seattle to work with me, or we have used email and the telephone to work together remotely. And in a couple of cases I have traveled to clients.

In many cases, however, when a client lives far away it doesn’t work out. It is expensive to travel, and sometimes the situation really does warrant face to face interaction to be truly successful.

This got us to thinking that it might be useful to set up a directory of fashion stylists on YLF. As a starting point we’d like to hear from the fashion stylists out there. Please respond in the comments (or using the contact form) and let us know what you do and where you are based. If you have a website, feel free to link to it in your comment. Also, if you’ve worked with a fashion stylist and were happy with their service, feel free to recommend them below.

And if you have ideas on how to connect stylists to clients, we’d love to hear them.