End of season sales are here and, as always, I like to hear your take on the last six months of retail fashion. I’ll go first — my rants:

  • Dress lengths too short: And I’m regular height at 5 feet 6 inches. My tall clients have battled especially hard to find dresses that they can wear sans leggings. I love to wear leggings and dresses over skinny jeans but I also like to wear dresses on their own. All we’re asking for is a few extra inches!
  • Skirt lengths too short: Same situation as the dresses.
  • Skirt assortment  severely lacking: You read about that in my mid-season rant about skirt assortment.
  • Sleeve assortment severely lacking: Too much cap, pouf and sleeveless. I do like these options but we need variety. Short sleeves and elbow sleeves are hard to find.
  • Too much ruffle: I also like ruffles but this season was overkill.
  • Too much tan: The mushroom-y colour palette was just as predicted, but it’s difficult to wear. Last year there was too much grey and this season there’s too much beige.

My raves:

  • Excellent sandal assortment: Lots of great looking and comfortable sandals for a change.
  • Fabulous handbag assortment: The best handbag season I’ve seen in years.
  • Good denim assortment: I had no problem finding jeans, denim shirts, skirts, shorts and jackets for clients. That’s quite a retail accomplishment.

Over to you. What was your experience of Spring and Summer retail?