We’ve been running informal polls on the forum and blog and the results have been fun to tally. Some of them were predictable while others were very surprising. For example, I would have bet money that more people use cell phones than watches to tell the time. But judging by the responses to the poll last week, I was wrong. Team Watch was by far the favourite.

On to the next poll. I frequently wear skirts and dresses and love both items. But I definitely prefer dresses to skirts. I enjoy the simplicity of one item, the strong vertical integrity and unbroken line, AND that I can wear shorter dress styles over skinny jeans. A straight, high-necked sheath dress, either form fitting or sack-like, is one of my very favourite items of clothing in the world.  Paired with ballet flats or boots, dresses are an FFBO for my style. So I’m Team Dress all the way.

Are you Team Skirt or Team Dress? Tell us why. Hard for those who love both items equally! But you have to choose and no batting for both sides.